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Other Cuts

Often seen as an unusual cut trotters are an essential ingredient in many dishes. Valued for the rich gelatine each trotter is split through the...

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Homemade crackling makes a good pork roast great and this will allow you to have as much as you want and as crispy as you like. Great for home made...

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Fresh pigs liver is a great source of iron.The liver is thinly sliced and ready to cook. Slightly milder than ox and a little stronger than lambs...

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Pigs kidneys are a product high in nutritional value. The essential ingredient in steak and kidney pies and puddings. Sold in packs of 2

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Fresh pig hearts have a delicate flavour and can be braised, stuffed or used as an ingredient for casseroles. Sold in packs of 2

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Generally used as pet food but braised and fried they are delicious. Can be served with soy sauce. Popular in Chinese cuisine and...

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Diced Pork or Pork cubes are great for winter casseroles kebabs or goulash. Pork shoulder is trimmed and cubed with no extra preparation...

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Pigs cheeks need long slow cooking to bring out the amazing flavour. Meltingly tender when braised or stewed. Sold in packs of 2 –...

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An unusual cut but seeing a revival amongst chefs. A great delicacy. Pack Size 500gm

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